A visit from our father and Mentor, Professor Bill Edwards, USA

Nongre Crafts and Culture Foundation recently received and hosted a very special guest at our foundation in Bolgatanga. The foundation would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Professor Bill Edwards for paying us a visit, and for having the time to meet and interact with all of us, at the same time giving him the opportunities to get a deeper understanding about our work and efforts behind the facades which means a lot to us. The communities are also pleased with your visit.

Your visit meant a lot for the foundation and gave us a great deal of hope, encouragement and optimism to continue on with our work. Many thanks for everything. The kids in particular were very happy to meet you and our wish is to see you again at the Nongre Foundation in the future. The beautiful memories of your stay will linger in the hearts and minds of all of us in the years to come. At the age of Anger and confusion in our world today, we are honored and glad to have had the opportunities to know you and have you as our friend. It simply shows there are still good people out there with big hearts. Thank you!!


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