Baskets weaving as a vocational training for the youths

On the 13th April 2017, we initiated a vacational training programm for our youth group. It was aimed at reviving, engaging and inculcating the habit of an ancient traditional occupation, straw baskets (Bolga Baskets) among our youth group hence, preparing them for future sustainable livelihood. We must admit it was a successful and productive initiative, it’s our hope to replicate such with time.

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For the amazing potentials exhibited by our youth group each member was treated to refreshment and handed learning materials(Writing Books, mathematical set etc..)

This is part of our vocational training for the children in the foundation. They are not involved when it comes to producing for order. We provide them the materials and we teach them the art. This program is in phases. All the kids in this program are all in school. They are offered this programs at their non school hours and during their school holidays period.

Note: certain part of the video has the some youth expressing themselves in the local direct)#WeStandForChange#WeAreTheChange#NongreFoundation


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