to our Charity Foundation, a center working towards poverty reduction, youth empowerment and a center where simple and practical alternative livelihoods as well as sustainable development initiatives are taught to the youth.Our foundation aims to provide access to educational materials and sponsorship for children in the upper east region of Ghana, especially those youths whose parents are not able to provide for their educational needs. Nongre Foundation trust that education play a major role in developing a society and it is often understood as a means of overcoming handicaps, achieving greater equality and acquiring wealth and status for all. Hence, education is also often perceived as a place where children can develop according to their unique needs and potentials, with the purpose of developing every individual to their full potential.

For this reasons, we find vocational Education a subtle sector that will possibly empower technically and economically. Identifying the potentials of these youths at a young age in diverse avenues of income generation, prompted our efforts towards this initiative. Donations given to the foundation by our friends and supporters, has so far been channeled to the following programs:

Nongre Vocational Training and Youth empowerment Center

This is a livelihood sustainability initiative directed towards harnessing the untapped abilities of youths and women in various vocational programs. Among these programs include:

  • Youths (Particularly teenage mothers) Fabric (Tie &Dye) Works
  • Youths/Women in Straw baskets weaving
  • Youth/women in Shea Butter oil production

We currently offer baskets weaving training to the youths who take part in the vocational training

Scholarships and provision of educational materials for the children 

During the summer of 2017, the foundation sponsored 3 children to attend school. We also bought school uniforms and other much needed educational materials for all the 36 children in the foundation.

Costumes for the Cultural Group 


This was made possible because of the generous donation given to the foundation by Professor Bill Edwards, a committed supporter and a member of NCCF.

Provision of National Health insurance cards  for all the children and books

Nongre Goats Rearing Project 

This was made possible, thanks to the students and visitors from Maartenscollege, Holland in partnership with Nongre Crafts and Culture Foundation renewed and registratered 36 children of Polko-Gambibgo community under the National health insurance scheme and also provided goats for some of the kids to take care of. Special thanks to our brother, Kennedy Aduko for introducing the college to our foundation.

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