Cultural Group

Nongre Cultural Group Rehearsing

The cultural group is very active these days.The group practice, rehearse and hold music workshops at most evenings at the center even though the center is not yet completed.

At the moment, it is the available spot to hold rehearsals. You are welcome to drop by and practice with us. Contact us in advance if you are a group or individual who would like to stop by for some drumming lessons.

Nongre’s Youth Cultural group

We started the Nongre Youth Cultural Group initiative aimed at entertaining, educating and empowering our community youth.

The turnout is so amazing and motivating for our team, these boys and girls. #NongreCCF#GiveHandsToSmilingFaces#Empowerment.

Visit our Facebook page: NongreCCF to see performances and follow us to get updates on our activities.

More pictures and videos to be featured here soon. Check back with us later.

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