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This area of focus hold an intrinsic role in our organization’s vision. It is the basic foundation of our operation and a major source of income generation for our operations. It serves us our reliable sources of internally generating funds to keep the shop open and to support our operations. It has also been one of our area of job creations for our youth(Drop-outs) as well as providing jobs for the artisans.


Our products include:

Hand made traditional baskets and crafts from Ghana

To see more info of the baskets, designs and sizes, download the file:BASKETS, BOXES & HATS

Woodcarvingsmore carvings includes: =Masks  =Wooden Bowls  =Noaharch=Animals



=Canvas paintings

Drums and musical instruments
=Ghanaian traditional drums-Kpalongo  =West African drums djembe  =Talking Drums
and various performing instruments.

                                                          Fabric( TIE &dye)


=Backpack  =Ladies handbags  =Laptop bags=Shirts  =Dresses  =Iphone/Ipad bags

Jewelry Boxes    

Shea Butter click to see our proposal:Proposal Shea Butter Production                            

Contact us for a complete catalog of all our products and information on pricing.


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