Construction of Nongre’s Arts/Crafts, Cultural & Youth Empowerment Center and a community library
The cultural center will be used for cultural activities, recreational place for children, with the aim of empowering them and allowing them to spend their non-school hours productively. It will also be used for displaying and selling of local arts and crafts. The library will be useful for the kids and adults in the community who are long distances away from the regional library. This we believe would encourage the kids to read and add to their academic potentials.

The funds raised so far for this project are internally generated, from our business and personal savings. However, the total amount of funds required for the completion of the project is not available. We are therefore appealing to the public to contribute to this project, financial contribution or donation of books towards the library when its completed will be high appreciated.


Raising funds for the construction of a 6-unit classroom block for Lungu Village in Bongo District of the upper east region. Lungu is a small village in Bongo District of the upper east region of Ghana. The only school currently serving the entire village is called Fr. Lebel Primary school. Due to the rate of the current population growth, the school no longer has the capacity to admit more students because of congestion and lack of space.The situation is very severe and if something is not done, many kids will not have the opportunity to get an education, which is vital for the future development of the village and the country at large.Although, the central government is doing all it can to build more schools and address all these social issues, they haven’t been successful in solving the decongestion problems in schools in many parts of the country. And as a consequence, folks in the deprived and remote villages pay the price for these problems. We have the support and assurances from the District Education Directorate and the regional Education service, in the form of affidavit/letters of support, to allocate teachers and provide materials as well as maintenance to the school once it is built.
An undeveloped land has been given to our foundation by the chief and elders from the community to build the school. Architectural work and the plan for the building has already been drawn. Therefore, we are appealing to everyone who believes in education to help us raise all the necessary funds needed to start the construction work. Thanking you in advance


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