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Are you an individual, a group or an institution, who is curious about Africa and its cultures? Tourism schools looking for new destinations to travel for their practical? Are you looking for a safe, friendly, local, educative, ecological and a responsible way to travel to west Africa for voluntary work?

Check our volunteer program details on Volunteer World and Giving Way volunteer placement portals


Nongre Crafts And Culture Foundation, though a subtle foundation has over the year attain a number of achievement. These includes:

  •  We have two sales shops to help market our handmade products and various arts/crafts products.
  • We have been able to structural organize our youth into diverse technical trade which include, Masons, Carpenters, electricians
  • We have a very vibrant working administration.
  • We have currently on-going is the construction of our youth center that will have an office, Coffee/breakfast shop, cultural floor, library and space for artisans to weave straw baskets, beads and other handmade products.
  • We currently have youth on study-leave (Studying Tourism and hospitality)
  • We also have a good cultural group, Organized Straw baskets Weavers, Shea Butter oil producers etc.
  • We have legally secured a ready land for the construction of our Vocational training and production center which in the near future we want to execute.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if your need further assistance. Looking forwards to welcoming you at Nongre.

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